Next Stage Celebrates 10 Years with The UnFundable Project

[Charlotte, NC]: Yesterday, Next Stage celebrated its 10th anniversary by announcing the recipient of The UnFundable Project, a $10,000 grant. The award used the philosophy of trust-based philanthropy to identify a project in the Mecklenburg County area that would typically be deemed “unfundable,” determined by a panel of community leaders.

The $10,000 grant was awarded to Caroline Calouche & Co., a local arts organization that creates memorable dance and circus arts shows. Their application requested funding to pay off a credit card that was used to replace their damaged sprung floor.

“The UnFundable Project launched from a desire to highlight the importance of trusting nonprofits and the people who make them go. We believe in the importance of relationships, knowledge and proximity to issues and constituents. We believe this makes nonprofits who already have trust built in community best equipped to determine how to make an impact with the resources entrusted to them,” said Josh Jacobson, CEO of Next Stage.
The award is a celebration of Next Stage’s 10 years of social innovation work, a significant milestone for the company on its mission to build belonging at the intersection of social good.

“Next Stage has gone through a lot of evolution over the years, and we have arrived at a central value proposition, of building belonging at the intersection of social good.” says Josh Jacobson, CEO and Founder of Next Stage. “We believe that there is no way forward but together.”


About Next Stage: Next Stage is a social innovation company that consults locally and nationally for nonprofits, private sector companies, government agencies, faith institutions, philanthropy and community leaders.

Next Stage is a respected thought leader on the themes of Community Voice, profit and purpose, and social innovation. Notable achievements include partnership on Spark Centro, making the case for Community Voice, and releasing a respected weekly newsletter on all things social good.
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Janet Ervin
Chief Marketing Officer
Next Stage