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We design strategies and processes that maximize impact and resources.

We believe collaboration fuels social impact.

Tackling today’s most challenging social issues takes courage, commitment and collaboration. Technology, workforce challenges, a call for racial justice and systemic change – today’s organizations most be more nimble and innovative than ever. 

Next Stage brings fresh thinking and a collaboration-centered approach to problem solving to organizations seeking to maximize impact and turn risk into opportunity.

How can we help you?

Impact for Nonprofits

A clear, inspiring vision for your organization is the single most important component to attracting support – both internally and in the community. Thriving organizations inspire people with meaningful vision, backed by data-driven stories of impact. We work on both fronts – striving to inspire and motivate while helping you build a practical roadmap for implementation. 

Services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Strengthening
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing Services
  • Cultivate: Emerging Nonprofits – Online Curriculum and Social Platform

Impact for Business

Our private sector work is focused on helping CSR and business leaders evolve social impact efforts into an aligned ESG effort, with a focus on the ‘Social.’ We help companies align their impact strategy, develop community partnerships, create and support detailed implementation roadmaps and activate employee engagement – all while helping you make significant community impact.

Services include:
  • Impact Measurement & Reporting
  • CSR Strategy & Implementation
  • ESG Workshops
  • Employee Engagement

Community Voice

At Next Stage, we believe that Community Voice is a two-way directional approach geared towards listening to community and institutions alike, building trusting as an asset, embracing transparent communication, and moving change-worthy initiatives forward together.

Services include:

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Community Insights (Focus Groups, 1-1 Interviews)
  • Needs Assessments & Asset Inventories

Collaboration Management

Bringing people together to work complex initiatives requires trust, consensus and connection between partners. It’s challenging work – but we believe that partners with diverse perspectives brings big value as organizations tackle systemic change. We tackle this through expert project management, leveraging Cultivate, our digital platform for collaboration.

Services include:

Brand & Marketing

For forward-thinking nonprofits and businesses, impact isn’t just about ‘getting the word out’ – it’s about building movements that galvanize people and move them to action. These movements are expressions of organizations and their stakeholders. We leverage a story-driven approach to help clarify your message and build the internal and external tools needed to spread your story far and wide. 

Services include:

  • Brand Development
  • Marketing Services
  • Impact & Sustainability Reporting
  • Campaign Development