You’ve just led your organization through the strategic planning process.
You’re energized with the vision that numerous stakeholder interviews helped uncover.
And, your board has given its stamp of approval to the final draft.
The document is now in your capable hands, but let’s face it, your hands are already full.

Where do you start in implementing long-term, visionary strategies? It’s hard enough just to find time to delegate the fires that are already blazing all around you let alone stop forward progress to catch others up on how you need everyone to evolve their work.

If you can relate, take a deep breath because we are here to help via our January 18 workshop “Making It Happen: From Strategic Planning to Implementation.”  With Josh’s experience leading and transitioning teams from strategic planning into implementation and Chrissy’s background in operationalizing mission-critical strategic initiatives, you will leave knowing how to successfully operationalize the ambition of your strategic plan on day one following board approval with tools in hand to help you along the way.

Workshop Areas of Focus

1-First things first: Most organizations don’t realize the first step in implementing their plan is…well, more planning. We’ll discuss the planning steps needed to get ready to implement your strategic plan, so your team can get on board early, and understand the goals as well as their place in helping to reach them.

2-Common pitfalls to avoid: Just as important as knowing what to do during implementation is knowing what not to do. Learn from experiences other nonprofits have endured, so you can easily move past problems that could get in your way during the early phases of implementing your plan.

3-How to bridge from strategic planning to implementation: Here we’ll cover the various steps to ensure a smooth transition as you launch new initiatives and keep business going as usual.

4-Operationalizing for sustainability: It’s one thing to get new initiatives started, but that doesn’t always take into consideration how to keep it going. We’ll talk about the strategies to help you optimize your implementation for long-term success.

We strive to make our workshops interactive and practical, providing participants with actionable knowledge to help move their organizations toward greater impact and success. This workshop is limited to 12 participants, so if you know you want to focus on this area as you kick-off the new year, don’t delay in registering soon. (Plus, you’ll get the early-bird rate!)

We look forward to seeing you there!


Meet the Workshop Facilitators

Josh Jacobson | CEO, Next Stage
Josh launched Next Stage as a social enterprise in 2014, bridging his professional experiences as a nonprofit practitioner with the consulting work he had made his career since relocating to Charlotte six years earlier. Over the last decade, he has led Next Stage in working with more than 200 clients including nonprofits, private sector companies, municipalities, faith institutions, philanthropies and community-based organizations. Josh’s expertise is in strategic positioning and tactical design, helping clients develop the roadmaps and tools needed to achieve their goals. He leads Next Stage’s work in strategic planning and collaboration management and is a major contributor to the company’s thought leadership efforts.

Christine Davis | Founder, Mission Mappers
For the last three years, Next Stage’s Chief Operating Officer, Chrissy Davis, solved implementation challenges for our team. This past fall, she launched Mission Mappers – her own business to help nonprofits, small to medium-sized businesses and start-ups navigate their own courses. Mission Mappers offers fractional operations leadership services custom-designed to help organizations solve problems and meet their goals as they work to implement mission-critical strategic initiatives.