When Next Stage does strategic marketing work, we recommend that nonprofits share their expertise and elevate their brand by leaning into Thought Leadership. Leaders often feel excited by this recommendation – and completely overwhelmed. 

Some fear that content development will overwhelm their already small marketing teams. Others are intimidated by the word itself and the all-too-common feeling of imposter syndrome. Still, others are stuck on how to logistically create a meaningful Thought Leadership plan using the right channels for their audience.

This is why we’re offering a workshop this October called “Positioning Your Brand for Thought Leadership” on Thursday, October 26.

If you’re interested in how your nonprofit can leverage your expertise to increase brand visibility and strengthen your marketing, this workshop is for you.

The Workshop

We want to unpack and un-intimidate Thought Leadership for nonprofit leaders. You have expertise, perspective and passion to share about an issue, cause or community. But, maybe you’ve wondered what Thought Leadership looks like – and how to position your brand as a Thought Leader. 

We want you to lean into the opportunities you have to influence others, spark change and move your organization’s vision forward. During this in-person workshop, we’ll help you elevate your brand’s authority and become a Thought Leader in your industry. 

What You’ll Learn

  • WHY it’s an important component of a marketing and development strategy
  • HOW to develop a Thought Leadership strategy (including goals, messaging and distribution)
  • WHAT steps you can take now to align Thought Leadership with your marketing goals in 2024

Reserve Your Spot

Don’t miss this opportunity to establish your brand as a trusted and influential voice. Space is limited to 12 participants – reserve your spot now with early-bird pricing.