Written by: Janet Ervin

Next Stages does a lot of strategic planning. This means we always have a front-row seat to the current trends that are affecting nonprofit and impact organizations in our community. While marketing has always been a piece of the puzzle, the last year has shown us that it’s moving up the priority list.

Many people assume it’s due to the evolution in marketing technology like video, TikTok, online demand generation, etc but I disagree. I believe the overarching rapid changes in every aspect of our lives over the last three years have prompted tectonic-plate-level shifts in nonprofit needs, programming and outcomes. Just as the majority of us have undergone personal growth and change since the pandemic crisis, so too have our organizations – but the way we talk about our organizations is lagging behind.

It’s a source of frustration for a lot of nonprofit leaders and board members alike. How do we communicate rapidly changing needs to our audiences? How do we find new donors, volunteers and clients? If you’ve recently uttered one of the challenges listed below, you aren’t alone. Over the last year, these are challenges we’ve heard most frequently from nonprofit leaders across our area:

Just like our organizations, the needs and expectations of stakeholders have changed over the last three years – and that goes for clients, donors, corporate partners, volunteers and community leaders alike. And so for most of the organizations we work with, the solution comes down to one question:

How are you helping your stakeholders understand their role in your organization’s mission?

The answer: It’s time for a marketing re-focus.

On Wednesday, July 19, Next Stage will offer a 3-hour workshop for organizations dealing with challenges like the ones listed above. In a small group setting, our team will help you define your personas, identify their key challenges and develop messaging that inspires action. Each participant will walk away with:

  • Personas For Your Top Three Stakeholders/Audiences
  • A Compelling “Elevator Speech”
  • 3-5 Key Messages That Drive Home Your Organization’s Unique Value Proposition

Whether you are an emerging nonprofit defining your personas for the first time, or an established organization refreshing your elevator pitch, there is something here for you! Grab your seat here.