The Next Stage Team is excited to welcome Brooke Lackey who will be joining us as our summer community voice fellow starting on Monday June 5, 2023. As Next Stage has worked with nonprofits and corporate social responsibility teams the past eight years, our reputation for helping our clients make an impact has grown as well. We are now called on by the organizations the community is calling on to create systems change, movement-building and thought leadership. Social impact work is critical to the future of our community and those who live here. Next Stage helps nonprofit, corporate and community change-makers unleash resources into the community to create the change that is needed always with a commitment to lifting up community voice to steer the change that is needed.

It is important that Davidson College’s graduating students understand the opportunities to align their passion for social benefit with entrepreneurship in the form of consulting, strategic planning, branding, culture-building and community voice. Generation Z graduates are too often asked to choose between a career of social good in the nonprofit sector but with limited earning potential, or a for-profit career that drives bottom-line results for businesses with little positive impact on society. Next Stage aims to show how the marriage of both instincts can create a beneficial and sustaining career path.

Meet Brooke Lackey

This Summer, Brooke Lackey will complete comparative trend research, stakeholder outreach, survey development and implementation, and other assignments. She aspires to learn more about the role of consulting in the realm of social impact work and community change.

Brooke is a rising sophomore at Davidson College and plans on majoring in either Psychology or Communication Studies. She is a Bonner Scholar, a community service-oriented scholarship emphasizing the role of nonprofit organizations in driving community change. She additionally teaches American Sign Language (ASL) to Davidson students through the college’s Self Instructional Language Program (SILP). She loves running, thrifting, being outdoors, and spending quality time with her friends and family.