Calling all digital content creators, social media managers and leaders who moonlight in these roles for their organizations – this episode of “Backstage with Next Stage” is for you. Candice and Susan from our marketing team are taking a look at what’s trending for social media content in 2023 and sharing thoughts on why they are on board – or not – with these suggestions. Not every trend is worth your attention and we hope this video will help you clarify which opportunities work best for your brand’s social media strategy and which to leave behind. Join us for a little bit of fun as we swipe right – or left – on today’s trends.

In this video here are the trends we’re discussing:
How brands talk about sustainability and movements will change
Is Investing in video production people and tools worth it?
Should Companies/Organizations  be using the BeReal app?
Is blogging still worth it?
Should we be creating short form videos?
Should we chase every social media trend that is trending?

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