ESG is everywhere right now – but what does it all mean? In this week’s video blog conversation, Candice, Janet and Josh break down the ESG basics, why every company should pay attention to their impact strategy and one way any business can get started.

Whether you’re an ESG novice or someone thinking about impact all day long – we think there is something in this conversation for everyone!

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We need your help!

In 2021, Next Stage published The Social Good Report: Profit & Purpose, a study of the ways companies and nonprofits are intersecting around social impact. In the eighteen months since we completed our research, corporate social impact has changed significantly, including the rapid rise of ESG. This fall, we plan to publish an addendum to the original report that covers these changes – and we need your help! We want to hear from business, ESG, CSR and nonprofit leaders on this one question:

In the last year, what has changed about your company’s approach to ESG and community impact? You can respond here!