In September our team launched Social Impact for Business, a service line that supports private sector companies as they engage social good. Since launching this work, as well as the Profit & Purpose report, we’ve had the opportunity to talk to social good leaders across the region, many of whom tell us the same things – that CSR is changing fast and that most professionals have a deep desire to be responsive to both the needs of their company and the needs of their community.

Like many other rapidly changing fields, corporate social responsibility is evolving due to culture-shifting events, as well as the growing influence of Millennial and Gen Z employees and consumers – and the pace of this change is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. It can be confusing to understand what’s coming next and how to identify how your company can leverage social impact to make your brand and culture stronger.

Next Stage put together a list of insights that we hope will help.

Based on our last year of research and conversations with business and CSR leaders across the region, we compiled a list of seven social impact trends that we expect to see increase in importance over the coming weeks and months. Each of these trends will have significant impact on nonprofits, the private sector and the community itself, as we continue to develop new ways to work together and create good.

You can download that document here – then let us know what you’re seeing in your own organization!