Next Stage announced today the launch of Impact for Business – the firm’s solution-based approach to working with private sector companies to uncover ways to maximize partnerships with nonprofit organizations to realize positive results for both the bottom line and the community.

The world is changing fast and businesses are seeking solutions for a myriad of challenges driven by a younger workforce, the impacts of the pandemic and social change. Employee recruitment and retention, diversity and inclusion, authentic brand engagement, sustainability, developing a strong workforce – these topics are front of mind in nearly every boardroom and executive team meeting.

In response to these challenges and built on research from its year-long Profit & Purpose study, Next Stage is launching Impact for Business as a new service line. Our team believes that often, the answers already exist within the walls of your own company. Social good efforts offer high-impact, low-cost solutions to many of the challenges listed above.

Services include:

    • Strategy & Planning – Next Stage offers turnkey strategy and implementation services that maximize the impact of your company’s social impact efforts, both internally and in the community. Next Stage can help your company develop an impact strategy that engages your employees and aligns with your business goals. Our team will conduct an in-depth discovery before working with your team to design a social impact strategy that is built for maximum impact, both inside and outside your company’s walls.
    • Implementation Support – Many companies are rapidly growing their social impact or community relations efforts – but internal CSR teams are often small and some are struggling to keep up with the need for increased activity. Next Stage will come alongside your existing team to offer project management, marketing, partner development and employee engagement services to make sure your company stays one step ahead.
      • Impact Reporting – Every company desires to make a big impact in their community – but how do you know that your efforts are effective? Next Stage works with companies to offer both internal and external impact reporting that utilizes a combination of in-depth interviews, surveys, focus groups and observation to create a beautifully designed Impact Report. These Reports offer a strong platform for internal reporting and planning, external communication and peer engagement through thought leadership.


  • Nonprofit Support & Coaching – Partnerships with nonprofits are a powerful element of social impact strategy for private sector companies. Next Stage’s deep experience with nonprofit organizations alongside CULTIVATE, our curriculum for emerging nonprofits can help ensure that partnerships are well-matched and managed well. We offer coaching, workshops and training to help ensure that the organizations you fund make the maximum impact, as well as The Nonprofit Partnership Platform.

Next Stage’s Nonprofit Partnership Platform is a turnkey solution that makes partnering with high-quality, innovative nonprofits easy for private sector companies. The Platform consists of 20 vetted nonprofit organizations who already have developed employee engagement, cause marketing and workforce development strategies and are prepared to create custom partnerships that fit the unique needs of a company.

If your company wants to explore whether Social Impact for Business could benefit your organization, contact us. We’d love to talk about how to maximize your company’s impact!