The Announcement

When our team works on strategic planning projects we almost always get asked the same question at the end. “How can we ensure our team is implementing this plan with energy and processes that work for the long haul?” It’s a challenge that every nonprofit and business leader faces at some point. They want to spend time on strategy, but it is hard to break ambitious goals into implementation processes that set them up for success. 

For the last three years, Next Stage’s Chief Operating Officer, Chrissy Davis, has solved these challenges for our team. And beginning in October 2023, Chrissy is launching Mission Mappers – her own business that will help nonprofits, small to medium-sized businesses and startups navigate their own courses.



Strategic Planning Implementation

Mission Mappers will offer Fractional Leadership services that are custom-designed to help organizations solve problems and meet their goals as they work to implement strategic initiatives. 

Next Stage is thrilled for Chrissy and her new endeavor. There is no doubt that we are where we are because of Chrissy’s leadership and hard work. Her expertise helped us build a business that is stronger and more resilient than it was when she arrived. We hope that many of you will also benefit from her work. (We plan to benefit for a long time to come because we already signed on as her client!)

What’s Next

You can learn more about Chrissy’s business by emailing her at or by visiting her landing page.

And if you want to learn more about how to make a strong transition from strategic planning into implementation, join us on the morning of January 18, 2024. Chrissy will lead an in-person workshop alongside Next Stage CEO Josh Jacobson at the Next Stage office. There will be limited spots, so sign up here to be the first to to receive more info.