In The Social Good Report: Profit and Purpose, company culture showed up as a key theme – and one that’s become even more important as businesses and nonprofits navigate post-pandemic, hybrid work life. In the aftermath of the Great Resignation, it’s been crucial for companies to find ways to retain employees and bring in new talent. If you want to attract and keep excellent employees, you must create and maintain a positive company culture and we believe that spaces play a huge role.  Our team recently navigated these changes for ourselves as we opened our new office.

In today’s BackStage with Next Stage episode, Haley Rafferty, our Team Success Manager, is sharing tips on how culture played a role when creating our new office space, what contributes to a positive workplace culture and the baby steps you can start implementing today to help improve your culture within your company or organization.

Here are the four question’s that we discuss:

1. This was your first time being in charge of creating an office space, many times when have to step into a new project role or task there can be fears and doubts that stop us or slow us down, how were you able to prepare yourself for taking on this new challenge?
2. Haley, Culture is what creates the day-to-day experience at a company, Culture is so conceptual, How do we make culture tangible?
3.. How did thinking about the company culture, mission and values play a role in your decisions for our new office space?

4.  Spring is upon us for any company or organization that wants to spice up their office space. Do you have any tips for how they can get started without getting overwhelmed?

Tackling today’s most challenging social issues takes courage, commitment and collaboration. Technology, workforce challenges, a call for racial justice and systemic change – today’s organizations most be more nimble and innovative than ever.

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