85 million. That’s how many jobs will be unfilled by the year 2030 if we continue at the current pace. As Josh noted in last week’s blog, the disruption this will cause is nightmare fuel for every business across the country. That’s the bad news.

Fortunately, we believe that’s not the whole story! On this episode of Backstage with Next Stage, Josh and Helen take a deeper dive into the into the ways this trend will impact all of us – and then they will share the good news. Despite the disruption and challenges this trend brings, it also offers the chance to address issues of inequity and opportunity in the workforce.

Whether you work for a nonprofit, a private sector company or a municipality, you won’t want to miss this episode!

“In North Carolina, a focus on economic mobility and new immigrant pathways is old hat for those of us involved in social impact work. But what has changed are the stakes. These are economic imperatives, and the preservation of life as we know it is at stake.” -Josh Jacobson