What’s Next? is a roundtable series dedicated to exploring the intersection of social good. In each episode, Next Stage talks to the nonprofit and corporate changemakers who are forming innovative partnerships and fueling real community change. We love exploring these creative partnerships and learning from impact professionals across the region and with the conclusion of Season Two, we’ve gathered all of those episodes up in one easy post!

We’ll be back in the early spring with another content series that explores the intersection of social good and community issues that impact us all. In the meantime, check out the episodes below – and let us know what you think! 

Josh and Janet are starting our second season of What’s Next? with an intro episode.  As they mention in the video, it has been over a year since the publication of the Profit & Purpose report and the amount of changes that have happened in the social good space this year are staggering! We believe that there is a major paradigm shift happening and that the pace of these changes are going to continue at a rapid pace. In the meantime, we’re talking about four trends that we’re seeing in the social good sector.

In this episode of What’s Next?, emerging organizations take center stage as Tony Santoro, owner of Enderly Coffee and William McNeely, Founder of Do Greater CLT share their own stories of social enterprise.

In this episode you’ll learn why they both believe coffee can drive relationships and how they are centering their organizations around community.

Why These Partners Believe Housing is a Health Care Intervention

When we sat down with Ann Oshel, the Senior VP Of Community Health and Well-Being at Alliance Health, and Karen Pelletier, MSW Pelletier, Director of Housing Innovation and Strategy at Mecklenburg County, for an episode of What’s Next?, we learned why they see housing as a critical healthcare intervention. Learn what they are doing about it and how they hope to fuel systemic change through an innovative partnership.

Workforce pipeline is a hot topic right now – and it’s one area where companies and community organizations are collaborating for highly effective, win-win solutions. In this episode of What’s Next? we talk to Natalie Brown, Director of Corporate Citizenship at Ally and Dr. Dana McDonald, VP of Talent Development at Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont.

One of the biggest challenges for students in Goodwill’s technology training programs is the need to gain practical experience in their field. In this collaboration, Ally provided paid internship and work experience for these trainees, offering real-world work experience and mentorship critical to finding employment. Goodwill and Ally’s collaborative approach is creating a strong pipeline of critically-needed tech talent in our community – and that’s a win for everyone.

This partnership is giving workers purpose

In an article for Fast Company, Sanofi CEO Paul Hudson says “Gen Z employees aren’t looking to move up the corporate ladder like previous generations. Instead, they want to gain different experiences before shifting to something new. Gen Z employees want companies that align with their own values and help the community,” he adds. In this What’s Next? episode we’re sharing how Apparo – Business and Tech Solutions for Nonprofits partnerships are giving workers purpose and helping the community.

This Partnership is Closing the Tech Gap for Students

Rob Phocas, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at AvidXchange, Inc., and Alyssa Sharpe, Executive Director of Digi-Bridge, share more about their collaborative partnership that provides STEM opportunities to students at a school just outside of AvidXchange’s headquarters.