1. What is something you are thankful for this year in your work that is different from last year?

“This year our team grew significantly with the additions of talented professionals at a time when our business model and value proposition to the community was being re-positioned. It was a serious year of change, y’all! And it required me as a business owner to embrace that change and allow Next Stage to be shaped and reinvented in partnership with this incredible team of colleagues. I am so thankful to them and to the community that has embraced who we are becoming (and who we have already become).” -Josh Jacobson

“I’m filled with such gratitude this year for this team, the work we do and the accomplishments we made this year, despite all of the challenges. Professionally, the ideas in Profit & Purpose are things I’ve been passionate about for a long time, so it feels great to have the report out in the world. On a more personal note, I’m grateful for the flexibility and support this team offered during a year with such steep challenges for working parents – it truly made this year possible. “-Janet Ervin

“It is sometimes scary to take a leap of faith and chart a new path in the midst of a pandemic. However, that’s exactly what I did on June 1st as a new Consultant with Next Stage. It had been my heart’s desire to fuel and impact community change on a greater level, and thankfully I get to do that every day and work with an amazing team of phenomenal and thoughtful leaders. I am humbled about this season of my career and inspired by the journey. ” -Helen Hope Kimbrough

Everything! This time last year I was a month in to a new job search. I am beyond thankful to have found an amazing team of smart, caring, fun colleagues; challenging, inspiring work for amazing clients to fill my days and a flexible work from home or the office opportunity. ” -Christine Eubanks

“I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow with an amazing team and to be a part of a community dedicated to doing great work. This year+ (plus) has been a whirlwind and I’ve learned that asking for help from your peers and neighbors can make all the difference in the world!”  –Tanya Varanelli

” I joined Next Stage last year, I’m thankful for the amazing team that I get the privilege of working with. It’s truly a blessing to work in an environment where you enjoy the people, the mission, purpose and the culture. I’m so grateful that I get to use so many of my skills into one role. My ideas are heard and I am valued. Each month, I’m able to learn something new, grow my skills as well as my mindset. The flexibility to work at home, but also have in person meetings every now and then is also something that I truly enjoy. I couldn’t have joined a better company. ” -Candice Latham

2. What are you grateful for personally?

“I am always grateful for my wife, Adara, who is my bedrock of support, especially when I am experiencing stress or a crisis of confidence. She lifts me up. I’m also thankful for my health. This year hasn’t always been the easiest one as I adjusted to a new diet and health regimen to combat a chronic inflammation issue. That sort of thing, against the backdrop of a worldwide pandemic, has a way of reminding one to be thankful for each new day.” -Josh Jacobson

“My family. My husband and two boys make me laugh every single day. And after the disruption of the last holiday season, I’ll never take for granted the ability to gather with the people I love the most – I’m grateful to be back with those people this year.” -Janet Ervin

“I am grateful for fresh blessings and new mercies every day. Plus, the honor of having an amazing, strong, and supportive family and a solid network of friends truly sustains and motivates me.” -Helen Hope Kimbrough

Together is my favorite place to be. A sign my daughter and I made together with this quote hangs in the entrance way of our home, and every time I see it I’m reminded how much I cherish time with our family and friends.” -Christine Eubanks

“I am so grateful for the health and safety of my loved ones and being able to travel and hug them again. I am more grateful and mindful about the little things that can make your day special – something as simple as walking my daughter to school in the morning was something I missed more than I realized.” –Tanya Varanelli

“Personally I’m grateful for life, my health, being a newlywed, my family and a sound mind. Each day, each moment is truly a gift that I cherish even more after the last few years we’ve had. This year I’ve really focused more on meditation which has helped me become more aware of my thoughts which in turn helps me show up more confidently in the world. I’ve truly enjoyed our Friday work meditation sessions.” -Candice Latham