Three Questions is a new Next Stage series. Over the coming months, we will feature social good leaders from across the region who are partnering in new and innovative ways to create big community change.

Gemini Boyd Project B.O.L.T.

1. Tell us about Project B.O.L.T.’s  proudest accomplishment last year.

During our time working in the community, we identified a need for a safe space for our youth to call their own. A space that they are personally connected to that will instill hope, trust, and value.  We are very excited to share that we have found that space and are currently in the process of renovating it with the hope of opening it before the end of the year. Project BOLT Youth Empowerment Center will be a location that will provide programs, services, and opportunities for youth in a traditionally disenfranchised neighborhood that will result in building confidence, connections with others, caring for self and the larger community.

2. Project B.O.L.T. is a nonprofit, but it’s mission is also highly applicable to the  private sector. Why should companies care about your mission?

Our mission is “to improve the quality of life for marginalized citizens in our community.”  Similarly, many organizations seek to be more socially accountable to the community and to be recognized for more than just the profits they make or the salaries they pay.   Our shared goals are an excellent opportunity for larger organizations to collaborate with Project BOLT and other community-based organizations to identify needs of the community and ways to have a greater impact.

3. How can Project B.O.L.T. actively support the well-being of employees?

Right above the basic physiological and safety need is the need to belong.  Having the opportunity to be apart of something bigger than oneself is most important in seeing value in life.  Project BOLT understands the importance of togetherness in not only resolving some of the community most complex issues but also the impact of working together has on the individual.  We are in a unique position because of the relationships we have established to not only provide assistance with meeting the basic needs of those in the community but also creating opportunities for those that would like to help but are not sure where to start or what to do.

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