by Josh Jacobson

By now, it is my hope that you have had a chance to download and skim our recent publication The Social Good Report: Profit & Purpose, our first annual community study focused on themes impacting social good in the Queen City. We have received so many kind and enthusiastic responses to the content thus far, and we’re so glad it is resonating with so many people.

We have also heard that it is a bit of a read. At 92-pages, we didn’t hold back or try to edit it down to something less ambitious. It is designed as a full examination of the intersectionality between the private sector and nonprofits, how they relate to each other, and how a more integrated approach to partnership could create better outcomes in service to improving conditions for people in Charlotte. For those who spend time reading through the content and reflecting on the findings and case studies, we believe there are benefits of new ways of thinking.

So what comes next? I was speaking with a community leader yesterday who noted having many thoughts and feelings coming out of reading the report and wanted to know what we have planned for the future. I’m so glad you asked!

  • Profit & Purpose Blog Series – This is the first of a weekly blog series designed to continue unpacking the contents of The Social Good Report: Profit & Purpose through the end of this year and beyond. We intend to explore all of the ideas contained in the report, illuminating how to practically create successful versions of these win-win-win partnerships. We believe these models can be achieved by companies and nonprofits of all sizes and industries and will use our blog to highlight opportunities.
  • What’s Next? Business Roundtable – We have big plans for our business roundtable moving forward. For starters, we are ready to take our popular Zoom series into the real world. Beginning this fall, we will be hosting a live version of What’s Next? where we will continue to explore the themes outlined in the Social Good Report. This will be a once-monthly offering moving forward and we have some exciting topics planned for July and August.
  • Social Impact for Business – This summer, Next Stage will be unveiling a new service line geared toward the private sector. Through Social Impact for Business, we will work with companies to design compelling platforms that leverage social good to drive positive outcomes for their businesses, the nonprofits with whom they partner, and the community at large.
  • Nonprofit Partnership Platform – We have built a team of nonprofits well-positioned to implement the brand marketing, employee engagement, workforce development and sustainability topics outlined in the report. We will be highlighting our nonprofit partners helping to make our Social Impact for Business service line a reality.

Are you inspired by The Social Good Report: Profit & Purpose? We want to hear from you. Drop us a line at More soon!

About the Study
The Social Good Report: Profit & Purpose is an in-depth examination of how social good gets done in the Queen City. The study examines the way businesses and nonprofits are constructing innovative partnerships aimed at community impact. It is also an exploration of how ‘doing good’ drives the bottom line of the private sector.

Research was conducted by Next Stage, a Charlotte-based consulting company that partners with private sector change-makers and nonprofit organizations to design and implement strategies that build strong organizations and fuel community change.

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