Check out a past What’s Next? episode that explores the intersection of the private sector and social good. This episode features Blair Primas, Senior Vice President + Marketing & Talent Management of OrthoCarolina and John Searby, the Executive Director of Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation.  You can catch the full replay by clicking here to learn how social good is already showing up in companies across the region.

Blair Primis photo

“Give back to the community in which you do business and don’t just put it as a slogan on your website. You actually have to walk the walk and I think if you do that you find that consumers or in our case patients will think about your organization in a way where we become essential to the things that may not necessarily have anything to do with their muscles bones or joints. And that’s ultimately what we want to do and I oftentimes in fast I think I’ve said it before to both of you in the past. I sometimes think to myself like why doesn’t every company want to invest in the community that they’re apart of because doesn’t it make the community stronger, which means that people who move here stay here and those that want to move here actually do so which makes everything better. “– Blair Primas

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The study will take a closer look at how the nonprofit and private sector can forge meaningful partnerships that create real community impact – and how next generation employees want to create impact through the workplace. Next Stage will build the report through research that includes:

  • Interviews with 50+ corporate and business leaders
  • Input from nonprofit leaders
  • A survey of 500+ local millennial and Gen-Z employees