In the August 14 episode of What’s Next, Valaida Fullwood and Charles Thomas joined us to talk about Black Philanthropy Month, The Bold Project and how non-Black-led organizations can be better allies. They dropped such great knowledge and so many resources that I could barely keep up with the notes! Thankfully, they shared the list of resources below.

Charles, Valaida and the rest of the New Generation of African American Philanthropists team are working hard to raise the profile of Black-led organizations and philanthropists across the region. In addition to Black Philanthropy Month, they recently launched The Bold Project, an effort aimed at increasing support across four key pillars – funding, leadership, narrative and networks. Learn more about The Bold Project and how they are working in each key area here.

At the end of the episode, Valaida and Charles offered NGAAP’s Bold Questions – a series of thoughtful questions that challenge nonprofit leaders to reflect on how they can offer more effective support and be better allies to Black-led organizations. Here are those questions:

  1. What does solidarity across Charlotte’s nonprofit community look like?
  2. What does ally-ship look like between BIPOC organizations and their white counterparts? What does it require?
  3. How can non-Black leaders engage in and support the pillars of The Bold Project?
  4. Are you prepared to support BIPOC nonprofits by flipping the script on funders and engaging as equal partners?
  5. What questions are we posing to funders?

One way I am committing to participate in Black Philanthropy Month is to take time to reflect on these Bold Questions – particularly, I want to considering what good ally-ship looks like in my role as a consultant. Here are several other ways non-Black nonprofit leaders can participate this month:

  1. Read and research. Start with these studies to learn why Black-led philanthropy is critical to social change: The Case for Funding Black-Led Social Change and Racial Equity and Philanthropy: Disparaties in Funding for Leaders of Color Leave Impact on the Table.
  2. Participate in #CLTGivesBlack on August 28 by donating to a Black-led organization. Here are 89 options, compiled by our friends at SHARE Charlotte.
  3. Attend a Black Philanthropy Month Event. Follow this page for upcoming activities.

Download the full episode here – and don’t forget to register for upcoming What’s Next? episodes!