It’s been quite the week, hasn’t it? 

We appreciate everyone who joined us this afternoon for The New Normal. The conversation was honest, meaningful and exactly what we needed to hear. If you missed it or want to share with friends, you can access the recording here or join the conversation on Twitter using #NewNormalCLT.

Many of us are dealing with heavy questions without clear answers, but it is clear to us that our community’s organizations couldn’t be in better hands. We’d just like to pause a minute to say – 

You’ve got this. 

In the last week, you all have done superhuman things at superhuman speed. As Don, Banu and Shannon referenced in the call, nonprofits across our community are changing service models and getting our community’s most vulnerable residents what they need to make it through the crisis. You’re learning how to work and serve virtually. You’re making sure your staff have the resources they need. You’re rearranging events and sending out appeals. 

These projects aren’t easy. In normal times, we would build 6-12 month project plans, hire technology experts and fine tune every change – but these aren’t normal times. And you’re doing it all while learning to homeschool and taking care of your own families and friends and neighbors. 

Thank you for working hard on behalf of our community and neighbors. There is a lot to figure out, but we’re full of confidence that the organizations that serve our city will continue to thrive and serve people well. 

We can’t wait to talk to you again next week