by Josh Jacobson

It’s tough out there folks. We hear from organizations all the time about their challenges in recruiting suitable candidates for critical roles. Where once there appeared to be an abundance, there now seems to be a trickle. What gives?

We have a number of theories that we’ll explore over the next month, including:

  • Frozen-in-time salary structures lacking incentivization and pay-for-performance
  • Talent pools reluctant to trade their current challenges for a new set of unknown factors
  • A diminished pipeline of early career professionals committed to nonprofit service
  • Too little commitment to professional development
  • Too few sources of capacity-building support
  • Risk intolerance to consider nontraditional candidates
  • And sadly, it’s not them, it’s you.

Despite a myriad of factors, we know that your nonprofit organization can be successful in recruiting Charlotte’s best and brightest talent. This has been a focus for Next Stage for some time now and we have built a track record of success in this work for multiple organizations in the Charlotte area. Our recent commitment to talent recruitment only deepens our resolve.

The battle for talent is real and we are a competitive edge for savvy organizations.

In September, Next Stage will focus its digital content on the importance of staffing talent to nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. We hope you’ll tune in and share your own experiences on our social media pages.