Neglecting the organization’s social media when times get busy is one of the classic mistakes made by so many nonprofits – consistent messaging is the goal. And yet here I am, having given that advice before, now a full month behind on my own firm’s blog posts. Shame on me.

“Oh, but I have really good excuses!” Of course I do. Doesn’t everyone? My excuses are that I have been very successful of late in new business development, securing several new clients over the past month. I also went on vacation, hosted guests for a weekend, and generally have been a very busy guy about town.

At this point, the classic Price Is Right “fail sound” should chime, and I should be escorted off the stage. There are no good excuses, only determination to ensure it doesn’t happen again. I’ve blogged previously about the importance of time management as an accountability tool. I’m currently working with a client on setting up a metric-based fund development platform, and I have been reminded of the importance of public accountability.

Over the next few weeks, I look forward to writing about the following subjects:

  • April 21 – The Downside of Social Media – Have you heard about the woman in Cleveland who ran an online job board and was publicly humiliated when a nasty e-mail she wrote a job seeker went viral? I look forward to exploring the darker side of social media in a post focused on ways to ensure you don’t make front page news just because you were having a bad day.
  • April 28 – Cultivating Gatekeepers and Decision-makers – In part two of a five part series, we’ll explore the important role cultivation plays in grant seeking.  This post will be well timed, as I am pleased to serve as Guest for the April 29 #GrantChat Tweetup focused on this very topic. Hope to see you on Twitter at noon EST that day.
  • May 5 – Making BIG Topics Local – A U.N. Science Panel just published a pretty dire report on the state of global climate change, with in-depth recommendations regarding action steps that need to be taken immediately. So, how do nonprofits in your town take a pressing global need like this and make it stick?

There, I just staked myself out and created public accountability. Have a great week everybody!