Bringing profit and purpose together.

There are big shifts happening in the Charlotte community. The workforce is rapidly changing. Technology continues to disrupt and innovate.

The pandemic has created challenges for both nonprofits and the private sector that no one anticipated. Our community needs more support than ever, but the problems are bigger than any one organization can tackle alone. Next Stage believes that its time for nonprofits and the private sector to create something new. 

In 2021, Next Stage will produce The Social Good Report – a community-informed study that will take a closer look at the intersection of the private and nonprofit sectors and how we can build new kinds of partnerships that will fuel real impact.

What will be in the Social Good Report?

The study will take a closer look at how the nonprofit and private sector can forge meaningful partnerships that create real community impact – and how next generation employees want to create impact through the workplace. Next Stage will build the report through research that includes:  

  • Interviews with 50+ corporate and business leaders
  • Input from nonprofit leaders 
  • A survey of 1,000 local millennial and Gen-Z employees


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How can I help?

Next Stage needs opinions and feedback from business leaders across the region. We want to know how you are already impacting the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community, what your employees want and how you envision working together with nonprofits in the future. 

We are conducting Zoom interviews with corporate and business leaders in the areas of human resources, marketing, technology, diversity and inclusion and wellness to explore how social good has the potential to transform business.


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About Next Stage

Next Stage is a Charlotte-based social good consulting firm that has partnered with more than 160 local organizations to design strategy and processes that build strong organizations and fuel community change. Learn more about our services.